AirRestore™ Element Series Tempest Air Naturalizer Whole Home System


AirRestore™ Element Series Tempest Air Naturalizer Whole Home System


 Powerful.  Discrete.  Customizable Systems to restore the air throughout your whole home.  All  without  filters  or chemicals

We restore the energy back into the air to allow indoor air to act like fresh, outdoor air”

AirRestore Element Series Tempest Air Naturalizer Air Purifiers are Powerful, Filterless and Chemical-Free.  THEY RARELY NEED CLEANING…PERHAPS ONCE A YEAR! An all-natural process that virtually eliminates odors, bacteria and other pollutants.  These include things such as mold, mildew, E-coli, Staph, Salmonella, Listeria, and more.   It safely and naturally kills germs in the air and provides a surface of protection to PREVENT germ and mold growth.   You control the amount of natural charged flow to clean your space.  Each individual unit eliminates odors, bacteria and other air pollutants for up to 800 SQ FT!  COMPARE: Other personal air purifiers only offer coverage for 50-150 sq ft.  The Whole House System, Consisting of four units cleans up to 3200 SQ FT!   One Air Naturalizer unit offers up to 16 TIMES the effectiveness!



Please Note:  Pricing is for delivery in the U.S. only.  Call for International Delivery and Pricing.


AirRestore — New technology that goes beyond an Air Purifier or Ionic Purifier

AirRestore’s Element Series  Tempest Air Naturalizer  Whole Home  Systems are designed to be powerful.  They are energy-efficient,  discrete,  and best yet,  customizable.   Having a small home, large home, multiple levels doesn’t matter.  You’ll want to put the power of an Air Naturalizer Whole Home System to work for you and your family.   These systems come in packs of four air naturalizing units. They can be utilized according to the structure of your home or business, depending on your needs. Unlike Air Purifiers, they use no filters and they RARELY, IF EVER, REQUIRE CLEANING!

Air Naturalizer Whole Home System Advantages

There are many advantages to having a Whole Home System.  These are great for ensuring the air in your home is being cleaned from top to bottom by eliminating any gaps in coverage.   Air circulation will maximize the power of these units, and ensure ultimate air quality.  They also work together to help control other issues.  These include mold  in your bathrooms, a musty basement or your laundry room.

This system  offers  odor-control  and air-cleaning power for your home and office.  It also  includes a car adapter for plugging a Corded Air Naturalizer into the cigarette lighter in a vehicle.

The Air Naturalizer Whole Home System produces a natural and safe ionic flow to give indoor air the energy it needs to restore itself.   This process virtually eliminates pollutants and germs in the air, on surfaces and even in fabrics.  This is essential for odor and germ control for common living areas like kitchens, nurseries, and pet areas.   Air Naturalizer cleans your air 24/7 for less than a penny a day, consuming under 3-watts of energy.

Air circulation will maximize the power of these units, ensuring ultimate air quality.