Is Your Home or Office Killing You?

Indoor Air Pollution More Dangerous than Outdoors And according to the EPA pollution levels in your home or office  may be up 100 times higher than outdoors! Imagine how this could impact innocent Americans. As a nation we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors. We are struggling to breathe and don’t even

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How Can an Alkaline Water Ionizer Help Your Health and Your Wallet?

Alkaline Ionizers Help in Multiple Ways. Restore Cell Function: Alkaline water ionizer units produce electrically charged ionized alkaline water that has anti-oxidant and high pH properties. Ionized water will actually “donate” electrons to rejuvenate your cells, and neutralize acidic diet to decrease cortisol, a main contributor to stress and aging. Increase Hydration: Electrolyzed water is

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Get Clean, Energized, Naturalized, Healthful Air in your home or Office!

AirRestore Air Naturalizer – Free Shipping! Quick Overview AirRestore is not the same old air purification technology, which requires filters needing frequent replacement. This small (4½” tall) AirRestore unit covers 800 sq. ft. and does not use filters. It is effective in eliminating odors, killing bacteria and viruses, and energizing and naturalizing the air indoors.

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